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Scientific Support for Pilates Research

PhD scientists to assist you in experimental design, scientific analysis, and writing papers and presentations to transform you into a scientific powerhouse of Pilates knowledge.  Become the expert everyone wants!

About Us

Why Our Help

Our CEO and Research Director is a PMA-certified Teacher and PhD scientist who worked for NASA for 27 years.  She has been teaching Pilates for more than ten years and now coaches and leads other teachers and their studios to become Centers of Excellence in Pilates knowledge.  She will help you advance your career in Pilates by becoming an "in-demand" researcher and speaker

How We Help

We have our own fully equipped Pilates Research Studio.  We provide support in experimental design, interpreting results, and writing papers and presentations.  We work one-on-one with you to help you overcome fears of public speaking and the preparation of scientifically-credible articles, papers, posters, and presentations

Experience the Difference

Don't feel left-out of the success game because you haven't been involved in Pilates research before. We will help you along the way!  We offer our scientific background and PMA-certified Pilates teaching experience to make the difference for you in the competitive marketplace

Our Services

Become an Agate Biosciences Science Associate

Would you like to start a Pilates research program at your studio or in our research studio?  Become an Agate Biosciences Research Associate!  We will work with you to establish a research program that will focus on your desire for knowledge and your timeframe, working with you, your teachers, and your clients (as desired) in a research program that will put your on the map of Pilates researchers and Centers of Excellence 

Experimental Design and Analysis

Do you have an idea for research?  Do you need help from a professional scientist to help you design the experiment to ensure meaningful and publishable results. Do you have results, but are not quite sure what they mean and how to express them to the public? We will work with you one-on-one to design a good experiment and conduct mathematical and statistical analyses that will provide understandable results that everyone will enjoy.

Writing Scientific Papers, Presentations, and Posters

We bring our combined 50+years of scientific research, as NASA scientists, to bear on your scientific research.  We have written hundreds of proposals, papers, presentations, and posters to express clearly and concisely results from scientific research. We make it understandable and beautiful with great graphs and visualizations.  There is no need to be left out in the cold!  You can be the expert in the public that you know that you are in your heart!  We are here to help you!

Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are here to help you in starting up, getting to completion, and preparing final results.  Give us a call or send a message to get the PhD's of Agate Biosciences Mind-Body Research Division working for you! 

Agate Biosciences Mind-Body Research Division

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